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7 Spiced Rum Cocktails to Transport You to the Caribbean

Spiced rum is the perfect liquor for a warming, flavorful cocktail, especially on a chilly winter evening. Captain Morgan is what we typically think of when it comes to spiced rum, but you can also make your own spiced rum using the spices in your spice rack. Whether you buy spiced rum at the store or make your own, a spiced rum cocktail is perfect for sipping by the fire while channeling your inner Captain Jack Sparrow.

What is the Difference Between Spiced Rum and Regular Rum?

Spiced rums are similar to gold or dark rums, as they're also aged in barrels that change their color. The main difference between spiced rum and other varieties is that spices are infused at the end of the aging process, adding in a delectable flavor that sets spiced rum apart. Spiced rum contains caramel, which is what's used to change its color. It also contains aromatic spices like anise, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorns and nutmeg.

There's no exact recipe for spiced rum, and rum-makers follow their own preferences when it comes to spices. Many spiced rums also include fruits like orange peels, which are also ideal for garnishes on spiced rum cocktails. Although Captain Morgan hasn't shared their recipe, they've let slip that their Original Spiced Gold contains hints of vanilla, brown sugar, and "warming spices with just the hint of oak."

What is a Good Mix With Spiced Rum?

Homemade Mai Tai Cocktail

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Although it's hard to go wrong with this spiced liquor, there are certain mixers that go especially well with its warm, vanilla flavor. Coca-cola, like in a classic rum and coke, is a go-to that blends perfectly with the flavors of spiced rum. Ginger beer and apple cider are also popular choices, both of which bring out the flavors of spiced rum.

For a fruitier cocktail, pineapple juice or orange juice bring to mind the tropical island where Captain Jack was stranded with his beloved rum. On the other hand, lemonade is summery and tart, ideal for a spiced rum cocktail on a hot summer's day. Iced tea is also a great choice to mix with spiced rum.

To get really creative, you can even take your fruity cocktail experience a step further by infusing fruit with rum. To do this, simply think of what your favorite fruity mixers are with rum and go from there. If you love rum and pineapple juice, infuse pineapple slices with rum for a boozy treat. Coconut with rum is another classic that we're sure any pirates would appreciate.

You can also go the other way by making fruit-infused rum. This is a fun way to switch it up when you're getting tired of the same old liquors in your cabinet. Making berry-infused rum is a great way to have berry mojitos, and pineapple-infused rum adds a sweetness to any cocktail that's hard to resist. However, if you'd rather stick to the spiced rum for the moment, here are 7 tasty spiced rum cocktails to transport you right to the Caribbean.

1. Spice Between the Sheets

This classy, lemony cocktail is ideal for those who enjoy a citrus rum drink. Containing spiced rum, Grand Marnier, fresh lemon juice, honey, and a garnish of lemon peel, just combine everything in a cocktail shaker and you're good to go. This cocktail is easy to make and even easier to drink!

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2. Spiced Piña Colada

A piña colada is a classic cocktail recipe when it comes to rum. Using spiced rum brings it to a new level of deliciousness, adding a hint of warm spices and vanilla to this coconut rum cocktail. Captain Morgan is the preferred rum variety, but feel free to use Bacardi or any other spiced rum that strikes your fancy.

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3. Dirty Mojito

Mojitos are perfect for a refreshing, minty cocktail. Although they're typically made with white rum, spiced rum makes them even more flavorful. This recipe includes spiced rum, mint leaves, sugar, lime juice, soda water (or club soda,) and ice. Enjoy the combo of mint, lime, and spiced rum in this tasty cocktail.

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4. CopaBanana Daiquiri

To get a little fruity, a strawberry daiquiri is the way to go. This CopaBanana Daiquiri is a variation of this classic, using raspberries and bananas in place of strawberries. This cocktail is essentially a smoothie combined with a rum cocktail, as the banana and raspberries make for a creamy, fruity texture. This cocktail also features fresh lime juice, simple syrup, ice, and a lime wedge as the garnish.

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5. Hot Buttered Rum

Homemade Hot Buttered Rum

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For a cocktail that transports you to a warm fire rather than a tropical paradise, a Hot Buttered Rum is the ideal choice. Made with warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, along with brown sugar, butter, and honey, this warm rum cocktail is as comforting as it gets. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for presentation.

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6. Apple Cider Swizzle

Apple cider is a yummy choice to mix with spiced rum, since the flavor of apples naturally goes with warm autumnal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Combining spiced rum, maple syrup, almond liqueur, apple cider, Angostura bitters, and crushed ice, this spiced rum cocktail tastes like an autumn day. Garnish with an apple slice!

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7. Spiced Rum Punch

To stick with the apple theme, this spiced rum punch is full of fresh fruits like apples, pears and oranges. These combined with apple cider, spiced rum and a few fruit juices makes this punch hard to put down. Simply combine your ingredients, refrigerate for a few hours, and serve for a flavorful and delectable punch.

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This post was originally published on December 27, 2021.

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