This Quirky 1960s Camper is the Definition of Austin Cool

If you're longing to take a step back in time, this renovated 1960s trailer could be the perfect choice for your next vacation destination.

This pint-sized 1962 vintage camper sits just outside of Austin, Texas. Its owner has completely remodeled the 80-square-foot house on wheels is available to rent, and features a long list of surprising features. Nicknamed #MotelCamper, this trendy home away from home is perfect for someone who wants to sleep in style.

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The inside of the camper incorporates design features from the 1960s, along with modern touches taken from the top user picks of websites like Pinterest.

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The kitchen may be small, but houses everything you need to whip up a quick meal. A small workspace at the end allows for sit-down dining, as well as a place to use your laptop.

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The camper uses every bit of space for storage, but still feels open thanks to its minimalistic design.

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A small closet allows guests to keep their belongings tucked away while still being well within reach.

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The living area features a twin bed that easily converts to a cozy sitting area. A large flat screen TV sits just above the bed, which is the perfect spot to cozy up and watch a movie.

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You can also watch a movie on the project screen outside.

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You can find out more information about renting this cool camper at Airbnb.

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This Quirky 1960s Camper is the Definition of Austin Cool