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Sparkling Cocktails in a Can Make Spring Drinking Even Better

Just in time for spring picnic season, the makers of Scrappy's Bitters are rolling out Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails. These three ready-to-drink canned cocktails are made with real spirits, instead of malt or other fermented alcohols, and just a touch of effervescence to create a quality craft cocktail you can enjoy anytime.

Made from premium spirits, bitters, and pure cane sugar, Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails are designed to recreate the craft cocktail experience in a convenient format. The difference between these portable delights is that the cocktail uses a champagne-level (30psi) carbonation to create a cocktail not found anywhere else.

sparkling cocktails

Half-Seas Cocktails

These convenient beverages make picking out a cocktail recipe easy since the fizzy cocktails come in three versions. The Bramble is dry London gin, berries, and citrus. The Daiquiri has white rum, water, lime and sugar, while the Paloma combines tequila and all-natural grapefruit soda.

The name "Half-Seas" is inspired by a 1700's sailor term, "half-seas over," which is said to originate from the notion of a heavy-laden ship, so low in the water that small waves, or half-seas, wash over the deck. The term has been slang for imbibing alcohol for about that long - it appears in an English ditty from 1869.

These portable cocktails are perfect for packing into your picnic basket and they will appeal to those that like a lighter touch with their drinks. But don't assume that these drinks are like white wine spritzers - the sparkling cocktails taste light and refreshing, but they are still boozy. They come in at 12% alcohol volume, close to what you might get at a bar, so please drink responsibly at all the fun outdoor concerts, parks, and festivals where you might take these fun drinks.

Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails come in a pack of four cans and go for a suggested retail price of $16-$20.

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