Will These Texans Give New York City Barbecue the Lone Star Approval?

It really was the photo seen 'round the world. When Munchies republished an article wondering why the rest of the world was emulating New York City barbecue, of all places, the photo that accompanied it took quite a beating. The small, sad tray of barbecue showed some brisket with a hardly visible smoke ring, two mini pickles, two rolls, and a mason jar of dark beer. We can only hope it was Shiner, y'all.

Did you forget about the photo? Here it is in all its glory.

It's true that the photo didn't do the article justice. In the years since its original publish date, countless barbecue joints have popped up around the city, claiming to reproduce the best barbecue from Texas, Kansas City, and the Carolinas. Whether you go to Times Square, Harlem, Long Island City, the East Village, Midtown Manhattan, or Williamsburg, you can find a barbecue spot throwing meat by the pound.

With offices in New York, Buzzfeed sent a few staffers to the barbecue hotspots to determine whether or not it was real good, or could even be called real. Here's what happened.

In the video called, "Southerners Try to Find the Best Barbecue in New York City," Delisa of Houston and Clark of Arlington (with YETI Whataburger cup in hand) set off to find the best barbecue in the city. It's up to Delisa to determine the best Texas barbecue in NYC.

Fette Sau

The first stop on the list, Brooklyn's Fette Sau, features a tray of brisket, pork ribs, and pork belly. The Hawaiian rolls were a big hit, much like the Carolina-style barbecue, and the pair thought the barbecue was juicy and salty, but also slightly sweet with the pork ribs.

The brisket was indeed "thiqq" and the pork belly was so good, Clark did a dance, y'all. Fette Sau is officially Lone Star-approved, according to the Clark.

Hill Country Barbecue

Does the name pay homage to the Texas Hill Country, or simply pass off bad barbecue to tourists bearing the mark of Central Texas? Clark and Delisa had to find out.

In Manhattan, the trio (Allen, a fellow barbecue connoisseur joined them) felt like they stepped inside Texas with the red paper trays and country music. They ordered brisket, sausage, pork ribs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and couldn't forget the onions or white bread on the side.

Delisa felt the ribs were pretty and Clark could taste the smoked flavor, signaling they were cooked well. Allen felt the sauce was sweet and delicious, but that the barbecue didn't need any at all (as it should be, right Texans?). Delisa felt this was officially Lone Star-approved. Clark even said it felt like home.

Blue Smoke

Clark felt this was the best to show Delisa, and their platter of beef ribs was massive. Called a work of art and definitely finger-lickin' good, Delisa felt that they might be just second to her dad's. Again, Blue Smoke was Lone Star-approved with its hefty set of ribs.

Don't worry Texans, you can even see the smoke ring on the beef ribs.

The Verdict

Fette Sau took home the honors of best all-around with its variety and overall deliciousness. The simple Texas feel made it even better. At Hill Country Barbecue, Delisa felt like she was back at home in Houston with her friends going to get some barbecue. The full Texas experience was mentioned more than once. Blue Smoke totally impressed Delisa, and upheld Clark's expectations when it comes to real BBQ.

So Texans, would you be willing to try New York City barbecue the next time you visit the Big Apple? Like we always say, there's room for all good barbecue, but what counts as good barbecue?

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