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Watch This Comedian Perfectly Impersonate Southern Moms


We all love our Southern moms, but we also know not to cross them. That just means bad news for everyone. Even though our mommas can put a whoopin' on us, we still love the quirky things they spout off when they're excited or mad.

One Alabama comedian decided to make a video playing off of the stereotypes of a Southern mom. And let me tell you, he's pretty dang good. Darren Knight mixes the perfect amount of twang with popular old sayings to create comedic gold.

Knight has found a major online following after posting a video impersonating a Southern mom while on a road trip. From backseat driving, telling the husband to watch the GPS to thinking she forgot to lock the door, this hilariously accurate video is sure to make you laugh.


Because of the positive response from his first clip, Knight decided to make another video about Southern moms at the beach.

He starts things off by screaming at the kids for getting sand all over him and the towel. The video continues through a variety of beach scenarios, from having to feed the kids, the struggle of taking them to the bathroom and finding time to relax.

I guarantee if you watch these videos, you'll be able to relate to almost every impersonation.


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If you like Knight's videos, there are a lot more for you to watch on Facebook. He has a few other great topics, including dating advice from Southern moms and how they act on their front porch.

So, does your mom do any of these hilarious things? If so, share with your friends and family so they can have a good laugh too.

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