Southern Manners We Should All Live By

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Nothing says good manners like Southern hospitality. Take a lesson from the South and improve the relationships with those around you.

Basic manners are usually among the first lessons kids learn. Hopefully, we continue to expand on this list as adults. If "please" and "thank you" are the extent of your manners, consider a lesson in Southern hospitality. No matter the occasion, these practices will add a little Southern charm to your relationships.


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Sometimes, words alone just don't cut it, and a little smile goes a long way. Show off those pearly whites next time you make eye contact with a friend or stranger. When someone's had a tough day, sometimes all they need is a warm and friendly face to change their mood. You'll likely brighten up your own day too.

No Phones at the Table

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Screens are everywhere, so it's difficult to unplug from the digital world. You must be very diligent in your efforts to do so. Try leaving your phone in your pocket next time you sit down to share a meal with friends. It shows the people across the table they're more important than Facebook, and hopefully they'll do the same.

An Open Door Policy

open door
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This doesn't mean throw boundaries out the window. However, there's nothing more welcoming to a friend or neighbor than knowing they can pop in for a chat or to borrow a cup of sugar. You could even take it a step further and keep some snacks readily available. This creates a welcoming environment in your home.

Friendliness to Strangers

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In the age of Bluetooth and earbuds, it's tough to step out of your comfort zone and have a conversation with a stranger. This is probably one of the South's most memorable qualities, and it's a good one to mimic. Greeting someone you don't know and asking how they're doing is a great practice. You never who you're going to meet!

Firm Handshake


Nothing makes a statement like a firm handshake. This goes for men and women alike. A strong greeting sends the right message and gives a great first impression. Whether it's a prospective employer or potential love interest, don't forget to give a firm handshake along with eye contact. It's an easy way to tell someone you're invested in the moment.


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These days, a person's word doesn't mean what it used to. We need dated, signed agreements for even the simplest matters. However, loyalty is still an invaluable quality to have. The act of keeping your word says you're honest and reliable. Even if it's as simple as being on time, your word is your bond. So next time, show up to an appointment 10 minutes early, rather than 10 minutes late.

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Southern Manners We Should All Live By