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This Simple Southern Fried Pickle Recipe Will Blow Your Mind

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Here in the South, we deep fry everything. That includes strange things like candy bars, Twinkies, and even pickles. If you have never tried these southern delicacies before, you should start with a great southern fried pickle recipe.

This is where the guys over at TheWolfePit come in. Their simple, delicious fried pickle recipe will leave you asking for seconds after just your first bite.

To start with, you just need a few ingredients. This particular recipe calls for some extremely flavorful pickles, which may be difficult to find for some. Once you track them down, you just need some flour, cornmeal, eggs, salt and pepper to finish it off.

To prepare your pickles, pat them dry first, then dip them in flour. You will then dip them in an egg and milk mixture, and finally the cornmeal. At this point, you are ready to fry!

For full instructions, you can check out this video.

You can enjoy your fried pickles with ranch, which is by far the most popular choices for dips. However, there are also other ideas for dips you should check out. For example, you can make a tangy sauce with a simple mixture of mayo, ketchup, lemon juice and hot sauce.

The best thing about these fried pieces of awesomeness is that they are easy to make and very versatile. Whether you want a simple snack or something a little more interesting, you can easily dress these pickles up or down as much as you like. Just remember to be creative and have fun with it.

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This Simple Southern Fried Pickle Recipe Will Blow Your Mind