Southern Cuisine Proven to Be Worst for Your Health

Welp, not that it was any big secret, but the Southern-style diet has officially been proven as the worst diet for your health.

People who eat Southern food regularly are 56 percent more likely to suffer from a cardiovascular disease, claims a study published by the American Heart Association. The study examined over 17,000 participants and found that the Southern diet was worse for your health than four other primary “unhealthy” diets that emerged: plant-based, alcohol and salad, sweets, and…wait for it…convenience.

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Yes, a Southern diet is actually worse for you than McDonald’s and gas station hot dogs. 56 percent worse for your heart, to be precise.

Dr. James Shikany, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, noted that “Of the five dietary patterns we looked at, the Southern-style diet was the only one that showed an association with heart disease, either positive or negative.”

It’s heart breaking. Or rather, heart clogging.

Although the regional diet is one contributing factor to the prevalence of heart disease around the “Stroke Belt”, it’s not the only one. Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a cardiologist of New York City’s NYU Langone Medical Center, noted that “The message is that regional patterns of eating can increase heart disease risk, and modifying these patterns can lower risk. But while diet may be an important contributor to heart disease in the ‘Stroke Belt’, it is not the only one.”

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Southern Cuisine Proven to Be Worst for Your Health