South Carolina Treehouse

Spend the Night in This Romantic South Carolina Treehouse

Most children dream of having their own treehouse to call home. But now, you can live out your fantasies by staying the night in this rustic and charming abode tucked away in South Carolina.

Located in the small town of Walhalla, near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, this incredible treehouse lies on a 40 acre parcel of land. Surrounded by incredible scenery, this unique spot is a great place to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The wooden pathways are lit with rope lights, letting you explore the grounds anytime.

But the inside of the treehouse is the true gem. The shabby-chic decor would delight any Joanna Gaines fan.

The bedroom has an incredible wall full of windows, which makes you feel like you really are living in the trees. Can you imagine waking up to this stunning view?

Just because you're in the forest doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice cup of coffee. This nook has all the essentials for a cozy morning.

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Need to freshen up? Head outdoors to this quaint outdoor show that provides plenty of privacy.

Want to experience it for yourself? You can find more info over at Airbnb.

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