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Sourdough Starter for Sale: Perfect for Lazy Sourdough Lovers

A lot of people got very into bread baking during the pandemic, and sourdough starter recipes were especially popular. Whole wheat, white flour, and other traditional bread flours flew off the shelves in order to watch a mason jar ferment on the counter. People fell in love with making DIY fresh sourdough, and most did their own starter sourdough loaves. Still, getting the activation just right in a dried starter or wet starter is a lot of work, so can you get a sourdough starter for sale? We looked into it and found that you can get a great starter from several places. Lazy bakers, rejoice!

San Francisco Style Sourdough Starter

One of the most popular sourdough bread starters we found was one from Cultures for Health, a San Francisco sourdough starter. "The Sourdough Starter is an heirloom culture, meaning you'll make endless bread dough all from one starter," the website notes. You just need to add water and flour and you're good to go!

It has great customer reviews and includes organic white wheat flour, live active cultures, and no GMO ingredients. It also comes with instructions on regular feeding and fermentation. This sourdough starter kit is also gluten-free, although the site does warn that it's made in a place that processes products containing gluten.

King Arthur Baking Company Classic Fresh Sourdough Starter

King Arthur also has a sourdough starter for sale with care and feeding directions! The website notes that King Arthur flour is kosher and made from wheat flour and malted barley flour.

The guide that comes with it includes ways to maintain your new starter in the refrigerator or at room temperature. It also has a sourdough bread recipe to make pizza dough, waffles, and pancakes.

Live Breadtopia Sourdough Starter

You can even get a sourdough starter culture kit on Amazon! This one is organic, non-GMO, and "...contains naturally occurring wild yeast and friendly Lactobacillus bacteria." You can make crackers, pastries, bread, and so much more with this sourdough starter for sale, along with pretty much any other one you can find online or in a store.

Be sure to savor that perfect first loaf!