10 Sourdough Starter Discard Recipes Too Good To Pass Up On

If you've ever ventured into making sourdough bread, you've probably found that there's a lot of cook time and a lot of scraps that come out of it. That's usually the case with many food items because it's easy to end up making more than you need. But with sourdough, you spend so much time making the starter that you might as well reuse what you don't need. We've gathered the 10 of the best sourdough starter discard recipes from the flour kings themselves, King Arthur. Grab the whole wheat all-purpose flour, some baking powder, and preheat the oven. Let's get started!

Sourdough Starter Kit

1. Buttery Sourdough Sandwich Biscuits

Continue the bread baking with these yummy breakfast sandwiches. This recipe will make 6 to 7 large sourdough biscuits that you can fill with a fried egg, cheese, and bacon. Sounds better than focaccia right? Don't forget to make some buttermilk gravy on the side.

2. Sourdough English Muffins

Another bread recipe, because English muffins are technically bread. You'll get 2 dozen large muffins out of this. This sourdough starter discard recipe is way better than tossing out your leftovers.

3. Sourdough Pretzels

Any type of pretzel is a good pretzel, so why not use sourdough baking to bring out the best in them? You should get 12 delicious, golden brown pretzels out of this recipe. Top with sea salt to bring out that traditional sour flavor.

?4. Sourdough Pizza Crust

Sourdough pizza is the kind of crispy pie crust you've been missing out on. This recipe will yield one 14" round thick crust pizzas or two 12" round thin crust pizzas. You can use the sourdough starter discard any way you like for this one. Grab a large bowl and clear the counter, because you'll be doing a lot of kneading with this one!

5. Sourdough Pumpkin Bread

Say hello to the new banana bread. With fall creeping up every year and the aroma of pumpkin everywhere, this is a must-know recipe for your recipe book. If you're not big on pumpkin, you can substitute the pumpkin for bananas for some sourdough banana bread. You can also do something similar with zucchini, which is one of our favorite ways to eat this dessert bread. This will yield 1 whole loaf of some of the best coffee cake you've ever had, no matter what ingredients you choose with this sourdough starter discard recipe.

6. Sourdough Crackers

Got the munchies? Drop the tortilla chips and make some sourdough discard crackers. You can make 100 crackers out of this recipe, and that should last you a very long time.

7. Classic Sourdough Pancakes/Sourdough Waffles

If you can't choose between pancakes and waffles, just make both! Add some chocolate chips and you won't even crave chocolate chip cookies later. Make sure you have some maple syrup on standby, too.

8. Sourdough Blueberry Muffins

Sure you can have scones with your tea, or even bagels, but muffins are just as nice. King Arthur has many muffin sourdough starter discard recipes, but the blueberry one sounds the most delightful. It'll make 12 in total.

9. Sourdough Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Cinnamon sugar in cake is a whole new level of love. Use your almost discarded starter to whip up a cinnamon crumb cake to feed the family.

10. Sourdough Chocolate Cake

Cake and fermentation require patience, so it makes sense to use something you're already discarding to make a delicious cake instead. Don't forget to pick up baking soda. This very important ingredient is often forgotten at the store but makes all the difference in baked goods.

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