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Laura Partain

Sophie & the Broken Things, Logan Ledger Dig Up a Mystery on 'Trouble' [Video Premiere]


Sophie & the Broken Things explore an on again-off again relationship on "Trouble," from the band's forthcoming Delusions of Grandeur (out Feb. 25).

The nature of the couple at the center of the song, featuring Logan Ledger, was a mystery even to songwriter Sophie Gault.

"Over the last 8 years I've changed the lyrics to this song so many times it's hard to keep track," Gault said in a statement. "It started out as a breakup song, but now I'm not really sure what it is. It has this mischievous flare about it, like 'what did these two characters do exactly?!' So there's a fun mystery about it and it's kind of open to interpretation."

The song's video, which Wide Open Country is exclusively premiering today, features Gault and Ledger as a mischievous out to bury the remnants of a past relationship.


"It was a lot of fun to do the video with Logan and the video team," Gault tells Wide Open Country. "We had to lip sync at a sped up pace for the slow motion, so that was really funny and we were laughing about it. And driving in that old El Camino was so cool."

Watch the video for Sophie & The Broken Things' "Trouble" below.

Gault's band name comes from a chance encounter with Music City heroes. Driving home from a songwriting session, Gault stopped in to legendary Music Row bar Bobby's Idle Hour, where she met Americana icon and personal songwriting hero Julie Miller. Gault paid tribute to the encounter by naming her band after Miller's song "Broken Things."


Sophie & the Broken Things released their self-titled EP in 2020.

"Two years ago I didn't know if there was going to be a place for the music I do," Gault said in a press release. "Now I think there's a place for what we do and people are going to gravitate towards that. Genre doesn't really play that big of a role anymore. It's more about vibe, and grooves, and people like what they like."


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