Sonic via BusinessWire

Sonic Drive-In Debuts 3 New Cookie Jar Milkshake Flavors

Sonic most recently shook up the fast food world when it announced that the chain would carry pickle slushes this summer. That's right, pickle-flavored slushes will soon be coming to a Sonic Drive-In near you. If you can't wait, though, then there's another reason to head on over to Sonic. The brand just announced the release of three new Cookie Jar Shakes. The classic American milkshake combination of creamy, real ice cream and cookies is too tasty to pass up.

As part of the Sonic's favorite Summer Nights event, you can even enjoy the new Cookie Jar Shakes for half-price after 8 p.m. every night. If you reached your hand into a chocolate cookie jar, a caramel cookie jar, and banana cookie jar, these are the flavors you'd find.

The first variety is the Chips Ahoy Choco Chunky Chocolate Shake that blends crumbled Chips Ahoy Choco Chunk Cookies with rich chocolate syrup. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine too, but there's more! If chocolate chip cookies aren't your thing, then perhaps the Oreo Caramel Cookie Shake is more up your alley. The classic Oreo cookie is blended with caramel syrup for a flavor explosion.

Finally, and my personal favorite, is the Nutter Butter Banana Cookie Shake that combines the flavors of peanut butter and banana in perfect ice cream harmony. The Nutter Butter cookie pieces blend with fresh banana inside. As always, each shake is topped with Sonic's signature whipped topping and a cherry.

There's a reason Sonic's real, classic shakes are beloved by fans all over. Whether you're stopping in to pick up a 50-cent corndog or mozzarella sticks, there's never a bad for a milkshake from America's drive-in. Don't forget that for a limited time after, these half-price shakes are available.

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