This Rancher Has Sacrificed It All to Celebrate the American Songwriter

Matt McCormick

Life as a rancher is never easy. Long hours, little money and a seemingly endless amount of work fill each day. Sometimes, those responsibilities can keep you from fulfilling other dreams. For singer-songwriter Jason Wickens, music and ranching naturally go hand in hand.

While learning the ropes on his family's farm in Montana, he also taught himself guitar. As he grew older, he saved up enough money from working in oil refineries to build himself a small studio. It steadily grew into a special place where friends could gather, create and share great music. That led to the development of "Live From The Divide," a public radio program that showcases works of the songwriter community.

But none of this has come easily. Balancing work, family, music and a farm is no easy feat. Many times, Wickens was had to take up ranching jobs to keep things afloat. Even during the darkest days, he was inspired by his fellow songwriters to keep marching forward.

In this video from YETI Presents and Helio + Company, Wickens describes the hardships and triumphs that come with pursuing your passions.

You can stream Jason's latest EP, Jason Wickens & the North 40, via his official website.

"Live From The Divide" is broadcast weekly via stations in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Minnesota. You can find out more about the show and how to listen here.

This Community Came Together for a Farmer in Need:

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This Rancher Has Sacrificed It All to Celebrate the American Songwriter