jake worthington
Jake Worthington

5 Songs We're Listening to This Week

Each week we share fresh country and Americana tracks we have on heavy rotation. This edition includes new cuts from Aaron Watson, Jake Worthington, Lindi Ortega, the Band of Heathens and Jason Eady. 

"Til The Goin' Gets Gone," Lindi Ortega

Being a professional musician often requires traveling a foggy, lonesome road. Lindi Ortega gives a soul-baring account of why she must continue on that path in the title track of her upcoming EP. If Ortega's achingly beautiful voice doesn't reach on even the slightest emotional level, check your pulse. Look for her new EP, Till The Goin' Gets Gone, on March 17.

"Barabbas," Jason Eady

Texas singer-songwriter Jason Eady imagines how the criminal who was set free at the trial of Jesus Christ might have grappled with his freedom. It's sort of like a Biblical version of Merle Haggard's heartwrenching convict songs. Look for Eady's self-titled new album on April 21.

"Last Minute Man," The Band of Heathens

The Band of Heathens new album Duende is chockful of warm, carefully crafted songs. "Last Minute Man" is the one we've had on repeat the most. Part Delta blues, part country, part rock-and-roll, the song will quickly get your feet tapping in rhythm. You can hear the band perform this song and others on this week's episode of the Wide Open Country Podcast.

"They Don't Make Em Like They Used To," Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson is back with a confident new album, Vaquero. "They Don't Make Em Like They Used To" encapsulates what Aaron Watson is all about: honoring tradition while being firmly rooted in the present. Here, Watson leans heavy on nostalgia while stretching out of his melodic comfort zone. Read our review of Vaquero

"A Lot of Room to Talk," Jake Worthington

The Voice has introduced the world to some incredible country talents, and 21-year-old Jake Worthington is one of the best. The season 6 finalist has a richness to his voice that sounds well beyond his years. That vocal talent is on full display in his new single, a ballad that will instantly please fans who are Jonesin' for pure country. You can hear Worthington perform this song on next week's episode of the Wide Open Country Podcast.

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