Song Suffragettes
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Song Suffragettes Take a Stand with Powerful New Song 'Time's Up'



Song Suffragettes, a Nashville-based collective of women songwriters, react to recent headlines with new digital single "Time's Up." It's a socio-political statement of purpose, with proceeds supporting the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund.

The song arrives as culture-wide awareness of alleged sexual harassment and assault focuses on the country music industry. Recent reports that shine a light on harassment toward women from radio DJs and program directors, paired with "Tomatogate" and other issues regarding the lack of female voices on commercial radio, show why such support groups as the Song Suffragettes exist in the first place.

The video shows a few women speaking their minds, with their numbers swiftly growing as their pleas echo louder. Their battle cry is a simple yet poignant chorus: "Our time is here, our time is now. Our time has come, and your time is up."

The 23 singers shown, in order, are Kalie Shorr, Tasji Bachmann, Chloe Gilligan, Savannah Keyes, Mignon, Gracie Schram, Tiera, Jenna Paulette, Emma White, Jordyn Mallory, Emma Lynn White, Regan Stewart, Kim Paige, Jenna McDaniel, Madison Kozak, Jenny Ray, Tenille Arts, Tristan McIntosh, Tia Scola, Alexis Gomez, Candi Carpenter and Trannie Stevens. In line with other like-minded protests, each woman wears all-black.

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The video and song is a fitting allegory for an empowering group that meets every Monday at Nashville's Listening Room. Living their slogan "let the girls play," the collective has opened its stage to over 200 women in three-plus years. This gathering helped launch the careers of RaeLynn, Carly Pierce and others.

Song Suffagettes' new song comes two months after the collective's well-publicized cover of Keith Urban's sometimes criticized yet likely well-intentioned "Female."

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