Song Premiere: The Good Graces Search for Answers on 'Crickets'

Maigh Houlihan

Atlanta, Georgia-based folk collective The Good Graces seek closure on the enchanting "Crickets" from their forthcoming album Prose and Consciousness (out on October 11).

Kim Ware, who started the collective in 2006, says the song addresses the pain of having conflict with someone you care about.

"This song is about overthinking a conflict you have with someone really close to you, wanting to fix it, but having no idea how," Ware says. "Wondering how it even happened to start with, and just feeling so much disappointment -- almost like you're watching a movie about yourself because the whole thing seems so surreal and from out of nowhere. It's a very real story, and at the time seemed very all-consuming. It was like I was spinning, and replaying it in my mind each day, coming up with things I should have said, writing letters ... trying anything to just help me process it. Ultimately I had to realize that a big reason I was so disappointed was that I had placed the other person on such a high pedestal. But the song itself became really cathartic, writing it on my porch, as I sat listening to the crickets. At that point, I was just so exhausted by the whole thing, I just wanted someone to 'show me the door' so I could find a way out."

Ware says the song's sparse arrangement captures the cathartic message of the song.
"We were definitely going for a more open, airy vibe with this one -- when I first wrote it, the acoustic part was super jangly and a little too busy; I always play pretty percussively but really worked to scale that back just a bit, enough to give it a more organic and airy feel but also making sure it still had something driving everything from underneath," Ware says. "It was super fun working this one up with the band -- I loved Jonny's sparse guitar lines and whenever we'd practice it, I'd end up being reminded of Springsteen circa 'I'm on Fire,' which is definitely a different reference point compared to most of my other songs. We had Chad add his little tinkly piano parts at the very end, and that was the icing on the cake, at least for me -- listening to him play was such a joy!"
Listen to "Crickets" below.

For more information on the Good Graces, visit their official website.

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Song Premiere: The Good Graces Search for Answers on 'Crickets'