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Song Premiere: Taylor Alexander's 'I Never Ask For Nothin''

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Taylor Alexander has a song for anyone who has trouble asking for help. "I Never Ask For Nothin'," from Alexander's forthcoming album Good Old Fashioned Pain (out on April 12), is a steel-laden country-folk ballad about finding the courage to show vulnerability.

"There's just two kinds of people, the haves and the have nots," Alexander sings. "I never asked for nothin', so nothing's what I got." 

Alexander says he wrote the song after realizing his own reluctance to open up.

"This song is about learning how to speak up for yourself. And in many cases to ask for something — for help, for love, for forgiveness," Alexander tells Wide Open Country. "I have a hard time speaking up or ever accepting any kind of help, and this song was written out of that realization. It took me a long time to understand it's okay to accept help from someone who cares about you, or to tell someone that you need something. To be in that place makes your vulnerable, sure. But it also makes you human."

The song features Whit Wright (Elizabeth Cook, Joshua Hedley) on steel guitar.

"I'm really excited about the production on this song," Alexander says. "From Whit's whispery steel to the subtle echo on the snare drum, this was one of those songs that required very little direction. Everyone just felt it, and played their parts."

Listen to "I Never Ask For Nothin'" below.

Good Old Fashioned Pain was recorded in Nashville and produced by Brendan St. Gelais and mixed by Mark Petaccia.

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