Wade Allen

Song Premiere: Sylvia Rose Novak's 'Waiting On October'

Sylvia Rose Novak weaves together heartbreak and apocalyptic imagery on the gripping, steel-laden "Waiting On October," the latest single from her forthcoming album Bad Luck (out May 8).

Novak says the song was inspired by her time spent working as a horse trainer in Alabama.

"When I was a full-time horse trainer, I lived on a small farm in Nowhere, AL. The sun would set a violent red in the fall and it looked like the trees and fields were on fire," Novak tells Wide Open Country. "I've become unnaturally fixated on various apocalyptic scenarios in the last several years and, every time I think about the end of the world, I think about that particular shade of red on that particular landscape. A flaming vermillion wave that engulfs everything. '...October' was born from the feeling that imagery inspires in me — the acceptance of total devastation with startling apathy."

Listen to "Waiting on October" below.

Novak, an accomplished folk singer-songwriter, is also a bassist and pedal steel player. She produced all the pedal-steel on Bad Luck, the follow-up to her 2018 album Someone Else's War.

For more information on Sylvia Rose Novak, visit her official website.

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