Riley Moore

Song Premiere: Riley Moore Delights With Whimsical 'Sitting on a Boat'

One listen to Riley Moore's "Sitting On A Boat" and your worries might just drift away. The Nashville-based alt-country singer delivers a rumbling ode to not giving a ship in this new tune, the next single off his upcoming album Vagrant.

"Sitting On A Boat" hits home for Moore, who not only routinely sits on boats, but also lives on them. Yep, Moore lives off Percy Priest lake in Tennessee. Which is probably why the song feels so authentic.

The tune is filled with wit and double entendres. "I don't know nothing about knots, but I sure know how to tie one on," Moore sings. Of course, you'd hope he actually does know how to tie a knot, given his living situation. But for the sake of the song, it all adds up to a thoroughly enjoyable four minutes.

"'Sitting on a Boat' is about hanging out on a boat, and I'm living on a boat right now," Moore tells Wide Open Country. "I also believe it is representative of a low-worry, carefree lifestyle that is important to me. It's the first song written on the boat where I live, a happy drinking song about sticking it to the man and getting wasted on the water. Let's take our worries and see if they float."

Think the whimsy of early Weezer married with the rootsy delivery of Tom Waits and you'll be on the right track. Listen to the exclusive premiere of "Sitting On A Boat" below.

It also makes plenty of sense that Moore chooses to relax on this tune. He did, after all, just finish a tour in which he became one of the first modern musicians to do the whole tour on foot.

Moore and folk band The Walking Guys traveled from Portland, Maine to Nashville, Tenn. by foot, stopping to play shows along the way. Some musicians they played with include Lyle Lovett and Shakey Graves. All in all, they trekked about 1,600 miles.

So go ahead and sit on that boat as long as you need to, Riley.

Riley Moore's new album Vagrant (the name makes a lot more sense now that you know about the walking, huh?) comes out on June 29. You can also catch Moore playing tour dates throughout May and June.

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