Song Premiere: Rhyan Sinclair Defies the Cosmic Blues with 'Retrograde'

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By the time Rhyan Sinclair was 11 years old she had already formed her own country band, All the Little Pieces, and started headlining venues in her hometown of Lexington, Ky. Now, still in her teens, Sinclair is gearing up to release her debut solo album Barnstormer (out June 22).

The album, which Sinclair co-produced, is a striking collection of songs that recall the Appalachian-born heartbreak and perseverance of Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt's timeless Trio album.

Sinclair cites the album as a major inspiration, along with the music of Miranda Lambert, the Dixie Chicks and Maria McKee of the influential alt-country band Lone Justice. But Sinclair says the album's first single, the groovy "Retrograde," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, stems from another group that built their sound on dreamy harmonies.

"I wrote 'Retrograde' when I was listening to a lot of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and I think that influence comes through in the harmonies and overall feel. I love how we were able to achieve a spacey vibe, combined with grit," Sinclair says. "We all have days where we're a little down in the dumps or just up in space somewhere. This song is about trying desperately to reign those feelings in and just be free."

Listen to "Retrograde" below.

For more information on Rhyan Sinclair, visit her official website.

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Song Premiere: Rhyan Sinclair Defies the Cosmic Blues with 'Retrograde'