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Song Premiere: Lo Carmen's 'Gold Guns and Silver'


Australian singer-songwriter Lo Carmen has a song for anyone frustrated with the state of the world and eager to change it. "Gold Guns and Silver," which Wide Open Country is happy to premiere today, takes on greed and violence in society. Those are both heavy subjects, but, like any great songwriter, Carmen relates the topic back to something as familiar as billboards lining the interstate.

Recorded at Nashville's Butcher Shoppe studio with Opry fiddler and mandolin player Matt Combs, the song is a rootsy call to re-evaluate our priorities and speak out against injustice.

Carmen says "Gold Guns and Silver" was born out of long highway drives and plenty of time to think.

"When there's nothing in sight for miles and miles of highway but a relentless procession of pawn stores, Waffle Houses and Walmarts, you can't help the feeling sometimes that people's hopes and dreams got sold down the river," Carmen tells Wide Open Country. "It seems to me people are really starting to kick back against that, to question the status quo, demand integrity and make their voices heard, and that's heartening. If a song can help shine a light on it, and put a whistle in your walk, then my aim is true."


Listen to "Gold Guns and Silver" below.

Lo Carmen released her sixth album, Lovers Dreamers Fighters, last year.

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