Song Premiere: Freddy & Francine 'Something's Gotta Give'

We're always delighted when we discover fresh songwriting and great vocal harmony talent, so when we heard Freddy & Francine's upcoming album, Gung-Ho, we were tickled pink.

The rising Americana duo created a lush collection of harmony songs that explores the gain and loss of romantic love. You'll likely find traces of your own experiences all over this album.

However, what really makes this record shine is how beautifully their voices meld together. The songs have the kind of harmonies that musicians can only create by being kindred spirits, not just by hitting the right notes together. Known to friends and family as Lee Ferris (Freddy) and Bianca Caruso (Francine), the pair has been performing together on and off for the better part of a decade.

Today, we're debuting "Something's Gotta Give." The poignant song spotlights Freddy's warm voice and explores an experience anyone who's ever loved and lost will recognize.

"We wrote this tune on my couch, which is where a good number of the songs on this record were written," said Caruso, (Francine). "Lee (Freddy) was starting to date after his engagement was broken off. It's about the pressure he felt knowing that his heart was in the past while his mind was telling him to move on, rarely allowing him to be present."

Gung-Ho is available on June 10. Freddy & Francine are currently on tour. You can find a full list of their dates here.

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Song Premiere: Freddy & Francine 'Something's Gotta Give'