Song Premiere: Cf Watkins Offers a Cure for Homesickness on 'Dogwood'


Singer-songwriter Cf Watkins sings of going home again -- if only in the mind -- on the dreamy "Dogwood," the latest release from her forthcoming LP Babygirl (out October 16 via Whatever's Clever Records).

Watkins says the song was inspired by her upbringing in the foothills of North Carolina.

"I wrote this song one Spring night in my Brooklyn apartment," Watkins tells Wide Open Country. "I had left the window open and as a gust of warm humid air slipped in, the chirp of the neighbor's window unit reminded me of the cicadas vibrating from the woods -- and for a split moment, I closed my eyes and was transported home, to the winding roads of NC. I wanted to hold onto that sensation, so I wrote 'Dogwood' in an attempt to capture the feeling of driving around the winding roads in the foothills of North Carolina -- so that every time I was homesick I could sing it and feel better."

Listen to "Dogwood" below.


Babygirl is the follow-up to Watkins' 2016 debut I Am New.




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