Song Premiere: Brittany McLamb's Beautiful Vocal Shines on 'Lose It'

Brittany McLamb

Brittany McLamb is a long ways away from her days as "Little Miss Salemburg." But growing up in the tiny North Carolina town (population: less than 500) afforded McLamb the opportunity to take her time in developing musically.

When she moved to Nashville ten years ago, she spent time writing and recording, culminating in a 2016 single that really first helped McLamb break through the noise. Her new single "Lose It" is all about capturing that fleeting spark before it's gone. And though the tune is in the context of a romantic relationship, there's an earnestness to McLamb's voice that suggests "Lose It" could reach beyond the purview of just handsome strangers running their fingers through their hair.

Check out the premiere of "Lose it" below.

Brittany McLamb's earthy vocal sells the whole song and counterbalances the syrupy smooth production. The whole thing comes together nicely. It's a tune that strikes a balance between the harmless undertones of wistful young love and a slightly more mature yearning.

McLamb co-wrote the song with Jonathan Dean and Andrew Beason. McLamb release her debut EP in 2013 and recorded a few songs with fiddle master Deanie Richardson in 2015, as an ode to her bluegrass background.

New single "Lose It" officially comes out on April 20th.

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Song Premiere: Brittany McLamb's Beautiful Vocal Shines on 'Lose It'