Song Premiere: Sofia Talvik's Dreamy 'Blood Moon'

Swedish Americana singer-songwriter Sofia Talvik looks to the heavens on "Blood Moon," the dreamy, steel-laden new single from her forthcoming 10-track album Paws of a Bear (out on September 27).

Talvik says the song was inspired by a drive across the Great Plains.

"Driving from Yellowstone to Boise there was a lot of smoke in the air from all the forest fires in Montana and Idaho. Even with the windows closed and the fan off it was stinging my eyes. Every evening when the moon rose through that smoky sky it was bright red. It was quite an astounding view. Almost eerie. I was looking at the moon and I was thinking about how people all over the world were looking at that same moon, and how in Sweden or Germany or anywhere else it wasn't red like my moon was," Talvik tells Wide Open Country. "Maybe their moon was white or a little bit yellow, but it was still the same moon, and how that was such a great metaphor for basically everything in life, how you look at that same thing, but depending on where you stand you will see it completely different, and that inspired me to write this song."

Listen to "Blood Moon" below.

Talvik has performed at festivals such as Lollapalooza and SXSW and opened for Maria McKee & David Duchovny.

For more information about Sofia Talvik, visit her official website.

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Song Premiere: Sofia Talvik's Dreamy 'Blood Moon'