So Pigs Can Fly, And This One Will Steal Your Heart

Who says that pigs can't fly? One woman and her emotional support pig have proven that old adage wrong many times, taking the internet by storm.

Megan Peabody takes Hamlet with her whenever she flies. The 28-year-old lives in the Virgin Islands, and has taken her pig along on every flight since he was barely 8 weeks old.

In case you were wondering, the Air Carrier Access Act says that any person with an emotional need can bring their certified pet aboard at no cost, and without discrimination.

Hamlet is far from the only emotional support service animal getting into planes these days. Miniature horses, parrots and ferrets all serve to decrease anxiety or other distress for flying passengers.


Peabody told the Daily Mail about her adorable flying companion, "I love flying, but I suffer with anxiety, so being able to pick Hamlet up, to hold, pet and comfort him makes me feel more comfortable and provides a lovely distraction... People are obviously surprised but there hasn't been any negative reactions."

"Children are sometimes a bit afraid as many haven't seen a pet pig before...but once they come over and pet him and see what he is like, they all love him."

Hamlet's Instagram page shows him making friends with a flight attendant, snuggling up by the airplane window and checking out the cockpit.

Instagram/hamlet_the_beach_hog screen shot
Instagram/hamlet_the_beach_hog Screen Shot
Instagram/hamlet_the_beach_hog Screen Shot

If anything, Hamlet's service and his adorable smiling face will make everyone want one. Maybe one day everyone will bring along a roller suitcase and an emotional support pig.

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So Pigs Can Fly, And This One Will Steal Your Heart