3 Affordable Snow Cone Machines Perfect for Beating the Summer Heat

Cooling down on a hot day is always best in the form of a fun, tasty treat. If you've ever had a snow cone cup, then you know just how delicious they are. With fluffy ice, sweet flavoring, and those classic spoon straws, who can deny the sugary greatness of ice shaving? Many people might have a commercial-grade ice cream maker at home, but having your own dispenser of shaved ice goodness beats the ice scoop any day. Having a snow cone machine is an easy way to make this paragon of frozen desserts from the comfort of your own home.

A snow cone machine is one of the coolest kitchen appliances you will own, next to your coffee maker of course. With brands like Cuisinart, Little Snowie, Vivohome, and more, how do you pick out the best brand for you? Check out our snow cone machine picks from Amazon and relish the free 2 day shipping.

Best Snow Cone Machines

1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine, 120V, White

This snow cone machine is perfect for at-home use. You get two round ice molds, a non-slip mat, and even a 1-year warranty. It's small enough to use on your tabletop and countertop, and you can make so many iced treats from slushies to margaritas! This shaved ice machine is the perfect retro gadget to whip out during a BBQ or a pool party.

Before using, allow the ice blocks to thaw for 5-7 minutes. This way, the ice shaver creates the best texture for your treat. The stainless steel blades on this ice shaver help create the fluffiest ice! If you like coarser or crunchy ice, the adjustable blades help you achieve the perfect ice texture.

2. Nostalgia ESHVICE2HSI Electric Hawaiian Shave Ice & Snow Cone Maker, Includes Reusable Cup and Two Molds, Stainless Steel Blades, White/Green

This electric snow cone machine has everything you need to make all the slush drinks and snow cones your heart desires. All you need to do is add flavoring! Whether you prefer blue raspberry or cotton candy, you can experiment with snow cone syrups and create your own signature combination.

Paper cups can crumple fast so I love that this sno-cone machine comes with a reusable cone cup. When you're craving crushed ice by itself, you can also use this as an ice crusher!

3. Dash DSIM100GBAQ02 Shaved Ice Maker + Slushie Machine with Stainless Steel Blades for Snow Cone, Margarita + Frozen Cocktails, Organic, Sugar Free, Flavored Healthy Snacks for Kids & Adults, Aqua

Snowcone machines with a hand crank can be rough on the wrists. This electric snow cone maker does the hard part for you! Making frozen drinks with this machine is super easy. All you have to do is plug it in, add regular ice cubes, and add your own flavoring. This electric ice shaver is also perfect for making cocktails! This machine weighs less than 1lb so it is perfect for small spaces.