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Snoop Dogg Gave Willie Nelson the Most Perfect (and Hilarious) Holiday Sweater

What do you get for the stoner who has everything? Snoop Dogg has the answer.

Willie Nelson revealed his Christmas present from the rapper last night on Facebook.  It was the holiday sweater to end all holiday sweaters, reading "Smoke Weed Everyday" across the front. The hilarious sweater has a large marijuana leaf on it that is decorated like a Christmas tree, complete with a gold star on top and Christmas lights.

The "Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die" country icon wore it proudly, smiling in his social media post.

The unusual Christmas sweater is a winner in many categories, from Most Unique to Most Appropriate, and it looks like Snoop even guessed Nelson's size correctly. Snoop Dogg is already winning at 2017, and the year just started.

The friendly duo has a history of making music and enjoying the smokier things in life together, particularly in Amsterdam on 4/20 during both of their tours. Snoop and Nelson were casually playing dominos when they got the munchies, and the rest is KFC history.

It's clear that this duo made in Mary Jane heaven is #FriendshipGoals.

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