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Tennessee Woman Wakes up to a Snake Slithering in Her Bed

Last week, Christine Humphries of Cheatham County, Tenn. woke up to a slithering surprise in her bed. A snake made its way up into her sheets, waking her in the middle of the night.

Christine says she knew something was wrong when she felt something moving up her arm. "It felt like skin on skin," she explained. Before the haze of sleep wore off, Humphries thought perhaps it was her cat. Quickly, she recognized the scaly sensation and leapt from bed. And who can blame her?

"[The snake] raised it's head and started coiling into a defensive position," Humphries says. Finding refuge in her daughter's bedroom, the ladies gave their friendly sheriff's office a call. The unwelcom visitor was a chicken snake, or rat snake, which are nonpoisonous snakes who eat eggs, rats, and small birds.

At first, the deputies couldn't find any signs of the intruder. "You're stuck here till you find that thing," Humphries recalls telling the deputies. Finally, one of the deputies moved the bed to reveal the chicken snake. The deputy quickly grabbed the snake and headed outside to release it out into the woods.

"It gives me chills down my spine when I think about having a snake on my bed that was actually laying on me," Humphries told NewsChannel5. "I've never even had a mouse in my house." So how did the snake find its way inside? According to Humphries, the snake tunneled in through a storm drain in her basement.

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Apparently, snake sightings are fairly common on the property and Christine says she sees them all the time. However, this is the first snake to try and become her roommate.

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