Watch This Bizarre Video of a Texas Snake Playing Dead

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Let's be honest, snakes are kind of the worst. There aren't many people in their right mind that gain great joy from being around them, and why should they? They're the stuff of nightmares for just existing.

There's a video that's surfaced online of a Texas indigo snake that's even more nightmarish than your average snake. Filmed in Mission, Texas, the clip shows the snake playing dead. That's right. It's faking its own death.

The video features amateur snake handler Eric Johnson approaching the indigo snake that appears to be lifeless. The snake still, mouth open as Johnson begins to handle the snake's body. After a few pokes and shifts of the snake's body, it looks like the reptile is definitely dead. Not so.

Luckily for Johnson, indigo snakes are not poisonous, but they can grow to be nearly six-feet long. Even worse, they're known to eat rattlers and diamondbacks, making them a horrifying creature, poisonous or not.

While some snakes are known for faking dead to surprise their prey, but Texas indigo snakes are not known to. That's what makes Johnson's video such a unique and terrifying discovery; maybe snakes are smarter than we thought. Either way, next time you see a seemingly dead Texas indigo snake, probably best to leave it alone.

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Watch This Bizarre Video of a Texas Snake Playing Dead