Fearless Snake Tries to Hitch a Ride on a Georgia Turnpike

A Georgia man got quite the surprise earlier this month when a snake decided to jump aboard his car. According to NDTV, Ryan McMurphy was driving down I-85 when he suddenly saw the snake on the hood of his vehicle. The animal slithered straight for the driver's window.

The bewildered driver quickly slowed his car down, eventually pulling to the side of the road. He was somehow able to drive slow enough to safely capture the video and avoided throwing the creature from his car into traffic. Eventually, the uninvited guest gave up and went on its way. The creature left the driver behind with an awesome video and a very confusing experience.

You can watch the crazy creature's hitchhiking attempt in this video.

Thankfully, the reptile didn't hurt anyone during this encounter. If the driver had his window down, the frightened snake could have ended up sliding into the vehicle's interior. And who knows what would have happened next.

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All in all, the driver handled things about as well as he could have given the situation. Experts report that several states, including Georgia, are seeing an increase in the number of snake bites this year. 55 bites have taken place in Georgia through May, most of which are from copperheads.

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