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S'mores Hot Chocolate is a Dessert Lover's Dream

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There are few things more comforting during the cold winter months than a cup of hot chocolate. If you thought the classic drink simply couldn't get better - think again.

The crazy geniuses at Delish have shared the simple recipe for s'mores hot chocolate, which combines the elements of the two beloved treats. The best part is that this ridiculously delicious and visually appealing creation only takes a few minutes to whip up.

Simply make your hot chocolate as usual, then load up the top of the cup with marshmallows. If you have an oven-safe mug, simply slide it into the oven for a few seconds until the top becomes brown. Be careful - if you leave it too long, it will disintegrate and char the marshmallows.

Next, drizzle the top with a layer of hot fudge before adding some graham cracker crumbles. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even add milk chocolate shavings or whip cream to make the drink even more decadent. Make sure to wait a minute or two to allow the cup to cool off before taking your first sip. After that, simply grab a spoon and dive in!

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S'mores Hot Chocolate is a Dessert Lover's Dream