Willie Nelson Weed
These celebrities have some funny stories from smoking Willie Nelson Weed. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

6 Funny Stories About Celebrities Smoking Weed with Willie Nelson

or celebrities and musicians willing to partake in recreational marijuana, who better to pass the bowl to than country music's own Willie Nelson? The American icon has long been an advocate and user of marijuana. He even has a line of recreational marijuana called Willie's Reserve (go look for it if you live in Colorado, Oregon, Washington or California). Nelson's love of weed might be as synonymous with his name as his chart-topping hits and his instantly recognizable vocal delivery.

Below you'll find some of the entertaining stories of celebrities smoking weed with Willie Nelson. Numerous others wouldn't turn down the opportunity. For example, Brad Pitt wanted to before going clean. Rick Ross still does. Think of this list as a cross-section of the types of famous people, from Americana darlings to rappers and movie stars, hanging around when Willie shares the wealth.

Snoop Dogg on trying to keep up

If there's one megastar who matches Nelson's weed-loving reputation, it's Snoop Dogg. Nelson and Snoop are friends, no surprise. Fittingly, they've played a few tour dates together in Amsterdam. Per Snoop's stories, even he struggles to hang with Nelson's weed smoking regimen. 

Toby Keith tells the story behind "Never Some Weed with Willie Again"

Oklahoma-born country star Toby Keith likes pointing out that he smoked with Nelson, even if that experience went sideways fast. Keith went from a rare night off in Las Vegas, with a chance to carouse with old friend Charles Barkley, to sleeping off a few puffs of the strong stuff after hanging with Willie. That one-time misstep inspired one of Keith's funniest hits, "I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again."

Tab Benoit vapes with the Red Headed Stranger

Add stand-up comedy to Modern Louisiana bluesman Tab Benoit's list of skills. The well-rounded entertainer once joked onstage about his experiences smoking weed with Nelson. It descends into some good-natured cheap shots at Toby Keith for admitting that he can't party with the best of them once the bowl gets passed around. 

Chelsea Handler tries hard to keep her eyes open

For the drugs episode of her Chelsea Does... Netflix series, comedian Chelsea Handler turned to Nelson for an interview. Handler partook of whatever Nelson smoked during the interview, making it hard to keep her eyes open on camera. Like Toby Keith before her, Handler probably swore off smoking weed with Willie again. 

Woody Harrelson and his smoking buddy

When Woody Harrelson gave up smoking weed, it created a separate personal life challenge. He eventually found himself being passed the pot by Nelson, a longtime friend. Nelson likely didn't harbor resentment about losing a smoking buddy. Still, Harrelson wound up having to do the near-impossible—pass it up after Nelson passed it along. 

Luke Wilson and Johnny Knoxville toke with their Texas hero

Add the unpredictable Johnny Knoxville to the list of famous people who found Nelson's best weed to be a little too strong for their liking. During the same interview with The Late, Late Show host James Corden, Owen Wilson talks of playing dominoes with Nelson in a tropical setting. Both agree that it's mind-blowing for a couple of native Texans to personally know a Lone Star State icon. 

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