Lockhart Smokehouse

Texas BBQ Provides Lunch to 700 Homeless People After Theft

Lockhart Smokehouse, a Dallas-area BBQ joint, found themselves in a rather sticky place last week after a thief left them without water.

Sadly, they couldn't open shop without water, even though they had a bunch of barbecue ready to go. Instead of letting the food go to waste, they donated it to The Stewpot and The Bridge, where 700 homeless people enjoyed it.

The restaurant says they first started noticed a problem with their water last Wednesday. While they could get a small amount of water in the kitchen, the bathrooms were completely dry. By Thursday, the entire restaurant was without water.

The lack of water was a bit of a head scratcher. Their water meter had mysteriously disappeared with no signs of its whereabouts. Even the city water department didn't know where it was. A theft of the shop's water meter — which someone could use to turn on their own water supply — seemed to be the only explanation.

Unfortunately, the water outage and closure would mean that the restaurant's already prepared burnt ends meat would have to go to waste. Luckily, restaurant owner Jill Growbowsky Bergus received an email telling her that she could donate commercially prepared food to shelters.

Both The Stewpot and The Bridge took to social media thanking Lockhart for their generosity. The BBQ was delicious for those who usually can't afford it.

After getting their water back on Thursday afternoon, the restaurant was able to open their doors again on Friday. Now the owner is spreading the word about shelter food donations so that other restaurants can have a place to give their leftovers.

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