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Bathe in the Scent of KFC's Fried Chicken with New Bath Bomb

KFC has been on something of a roll lately, debuting ever-stranger merchandise from Colonel Sanders comic books to limited-edition streetwear pieces to edible, fried-chicken flavored nail polish, but it looks like the chicken chain may outdo itself once again with the release of its drumstick-shaped, fried chicken-scented bath bombs.

Yes, now you can live the dream of smelling like batter dipped and fried chicken— with the proprietary 11 herbs and spices, of course—but you'll have to make your way to Japan to get your hands on these poultry pampering products.


Village Vanguard/KFC/Livedoor News

As The Independent reports, KFC Japan teamed up with Japanese retailer Village Vanguard, who also gave the world soup-scented bath bombs, for the new chicken-scented ones.

Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately—stocks are extremely limited, with just 100 of the KFC x Village Vanguard bath bombs in existence. The drumstick-shaped bath bombs actually make a bath that even smells like the secret herbs from the KFC box of recipes.


Village Vanguard/KFC/Livedoor News

The limited-edition bath bombs are hot commodities because, as it turns out, everyone wants to bathe in the scent of golden fried chicken.

They're only available through a promotion running until Nov. 15, so time is running out — retweet the KFC tweet below for your chance to "win," if smelling like fried chicken is considered winning.

What's that smell? If you're one of the lucky individuals who win, it'll be deep-fried scented glory surrounding you.

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