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How to Make Delicious Apple Butter in Your Slow Cooker

There’s nothing quite like putting a huge slab of homemade apple butter on a warm biscuit first thing in the morning. But, who has time to make such a delicious concoction? In reality, it is actually a lot easier to make at home than you would probably think..

In fact, YouTuber Divas Can Cook has the perfect video recipe for you to follow. You just need a few ingredients to make your own delicious batch of apple butter. To start with, you will need a good selection of sweet and tart apples that you have peeled, cored and diced. Put all your apples in a slow cooker and place on high for 3 to 4 hours.

After the apples have cooked down, you will add some sugar, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg before stirring. At this point, you will need to just sit back and wait for the butter to cook fully. You will need to cook it on low for about 20 hours before it is ready to enjoy.

Make sure you watch the video for the full instructions.

You can also keep your apple butter canned to use for months to come. It’s a great item to store for the holidays or give as a gift to a fellow apple butter lover.

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If you like experimenting with your cooking, try out the recipe with a few different types of apples to put a twist on the taste.

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How to Make Delicious Apple Butter in Your Slow Cooker