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People Are Losing Their Minds Over These Sliced St. Louis Bagels and I Don't Blame 'em

Every week at Sunday school, student's parents would set up a table and sell bagels with cream cheese. The bell would ring prompting the wooden doors to burst open like the flooding of the red sea, children holding on to their yamakas as they pushed each other out of the way for a taste of Einstein Bros. Bagels. It was safe to say it was the highlight of my week.

Parents donning plastic disposable gloves would split the bagels in half and add the smear of choice. Being a sophisticated Jew at the ripe age of six, I would always order the bagel with lox, hold the red onion. Bagels run in my blood.

For years I never questioned the right or wrong way to cut a bagel. You could either cut it with a knife or those guillotinbagel slicers. Don't tell me you never thought those bagel slicers were the coolest thing ever.

I assumed no one else questioned it either. That is until I saw this monstrosity posted on Twitter.

Twitter user Alek Krautmann from St. Louis shared this photo of his Panera bagels sliced "St. Louis style" and people were not having it at all. Well, most people. Panera Bread was loving the exposure of their St. Louis secret.

Panera, which operates as Saint Louis Bread Company in the greater St. Louis area, is known for their artisan bread, sandwiches, and bagels. Apparently, it's a thing in St. Louis to bread slice bagels says Alek. One Twitter user piped up through all the negativity and shared that slicing your bagels like this gives you a larger cream cheese portion. Other users were quick to point out that good bagels (arguably from New York City) should not be covered in cream cheese. Yikes.

Twitter users suggested their own St. Louis style foods ranging from cookies and milk to a PB&J sandwich.

For the love that all is holy, eat the entire bagel and get this horrific act off my Twitter feed.

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