A Japanese Food Company is Selling Slices of Mayonnaise

If you prefer mayonnaise over mustard, you'll be excited to know that sliced mayonnaise is officially a thing. That's right; someone decided mayo slices were the way to go. Can you imagine picking up a package of Kraft Singles and seeing a package of sliced mayo right next to it?

This is so strange. Apparently, slices of mayonnaise will be available in Japan next month. A Japanese food and beverage company called Bourbon is behind the mayonnaise sheets. For nearly 100 years, Bourbon has created a variety of tasty biscuits and cookie snacks, although it looks like they're getting creative in the condiment category.

sliced mayo


I imagine that the mayonnaise slices will have a similar texture to sliced American cheese. I don't see anything weird about cheese slices, but something about sliced mayonnaise just sounds strange. Considering how burgers and sandwiches can get messy, it makes sense why a slab of mayo could sound appealing.

Mayo fans are probably rejoicing around the world. Is this the best invention since sliced bread? Possibly! As someone who settles for a Big Mac from McDonald's sometimes, I have to say that a solid piece of mayonnaise would create less of a mess. Those burgers are messy enough already.

It turns out that sliced mayonnaise isn't the only sliced condiment making noise on social media. You buy sliced ketchup on No refrigeration needed, and no mess sounds promising, honestly. I'd be willing to give slices of ketchup a try.

Sliced mayo, though? I'm not sure, but out of curiosity, I did some research trying to find sliced condiments. I didn't have any luck on Amazon, but surely we'll see some in the future. Until then, I'll settle for sliced tomatoes on my burgers. So, what's next? Sliced barbecue sauce? Sliced ranch? Please let it be sliced ranch.

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