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Iconic American Sky Bar Candy Bar is Coming Back

Keep your eye on the sky, Sky Bar candy bars are coming back and we couldn't be more excited. The chocolate bar, which has been a New England confectionery staple since 1938, is the best of all worlds. Not sure what candy bar to pick up from the candy store? Grab a Sky Bar. With its four different fillings (caramel, vanilla, peanut, and fudge) all covered in milk chocolate, there's nothing boring about it.

Do They Still Make Sky Bar Candy Bars?

When candy company Necco was sold in 2018, many popular candies (including Necco Wafers, Clark bars, Sweethearts, and Mary Janes) were sold, making their production shut down. Each of the candies went up for auction. Louise Mawhinney, the owner of Duck Soup, a penny-candy store style gourmet shop, won the online auction back in January and acquired the Sky Bar brand.

I placed a bid and I must admit I was stunned to suddenly become the owner of the brand. However, we believe we have found a way to start small-batch production and make Sky Bar available once more. It's very exciting. While we have not yet finalized all the details, we hope that we will be able to produce the Sky Bar that everyone knows and loves.

Where to Buy Iconic Sky Bar Candy Bars

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Recently the brand announced that the Iconic Sky Bar Candy is back in production and is currently available for presale from the Duck Soup shop in Sudbury, Massachusetts (which is about an hour outside of Boston). The bars are also available online from their online shop and sold in 24-packs for $47.52. The store kindly asks to limit purchases to one bow.

You can also purchase the candy bars from sellers on eBay.

Will you ever see the candy bar in the grocery store? Probably not. This is a smaller production so chances are the only way you'll be able to grab these bars without hassle is online.

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