Skip the Campfire With This Delicious and Simple S’Mores Dip [VIDEO]


S‘mores are a summertime favorite for both kids and adults alike. There’s something about the combination of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers that is utterly satisfying.

If you find yourself craving s’mores but don’t have a campfire easily available, you’re in luck. There’s an insanely easy way to make a dip version of the classic treat that will blow your mind.

All you need are the normal ingredients for s’mores and a small pot or pan that is oven friendly, and you’ll want to swap out mini marshmallows in place of the larger ones. The first step in making this dip is melting your chocolate. Just take a few pieces of milk chocolate and microwave it until it’s fully melted. Stir out any lumps, then pour it into the bottom of your dish. Next, take your mini marshmallows and make a layer on top of the chocolate that completely covers it. Then, slip the pan into an oven heated at 500 degrees for about five minutes or until the top of the marshmallows have browned.

Let cool, then dip in your graham crackers and enjoy this delectable creation. It’s a great option for parties because you can easily re-heat it after its initial baking in the oven. Watch the video above for the full tutorial and try it out for yourself.

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Skip the Campfire With This Delicious and Simple S’Mores Dip [VIDEO]