Six Flags Guests Leap From Ride After It Malfunctions
Photo By Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Six Flags Guests Leap From Ride After It Malfunctions

Over at Six Flags Over Texas, over a dozen guests were horrified when a ride abruptly malfunctioned. (Starting to sound like a trend with rides this summer.) On Sunday, June 23, the park's Roaring Rapids ride decided to clock out early for the day. Per PEOPLE, a theme park spokesperson provided clarification for the incident.

"One of the rafts at Roaring Rapids became stuck. Guests were told to remain seated in the raft while the ride was restarted. All guests safely exited the ride and there were no injuries."

But, we know people. People can be impatient! Subsequently, where there's impatience, there's the potential for recklessness.


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A Six Flags Ride Malfunctions, Leaving Guests To Jump To Safety

Eventually, some folks decided to take their chances with the waters. Despite the touch-and-go nature of the situation, it seems everyone made it through in one piece with no significant injuries. Just for laughs, let's look at the description for the Roaring Rapids attraction on the official Six Flags website!

"Strap on your vests and step into this wobbly whitewater raft for a (playfully) treacherous passage downriver! Don't be surprised if your veering vessel is overtaken by raging waves of water. Oops, did we say water? We meant fun! Each raft holds 12 people, plenty of room for the whole family! If you're extra prepared, you might want to wear flops for this one.

"Ah! Nothing cools you down in the middle of a hot Texas afternoon quite like buckets of cold river water roaring down your back! Which one of you will get drenched the most?"

I'm sure the danger of the incident was thrilling for the guests! On a more serious note, however, the number of malfunctioning rides this summer is a bit worrying. The other day, a Zipper ride at a carnival stopped out of nowhere. It left many folks dangling in mid-air while they waited to be rescued.

Generally, nothing is going to work perfectly 24/7. Hiccups are to be expected! Although, I'd be hard-pressed to take that stance as an active victim of such an occasion. Being stuck in the middle of raging waters probably isn't as fun in practice.