Please Don't Sit on the Bed With Your Outdoor Clothes On

You've just had a long day at work, and you're all set to throw yourself onto your bed and let your soft mattress carry the weight of the day. We've all been there, but think twice about sinking into that mattress in your outdoor clothes! All households have different standards of cleanliness, from shoes to chores to everything in between. During covid, many people have adjusted their standards to be on the safer side, since no one wants to risk spreading potentially dangerous germs. Although it's tempting to walk in the door, sit on your inviting bed and kick your shoes off, it might be worth the wait to change your clothes first.

No Outdoor Clothes On The Bed!

The obvious reason not to wear outdoor clothes on the bed is cleanliness. When you leave the house in the morning, you then travel to work, the grocery store, or wherever your day takes you- all in the same set of clothes. This means that you pick up the bacteria and dirt from every bench and chair you sit on, along with any number of people and objects you brush past. Coronavirus aside, you don't want to take all of that back to your bed!

This is also why many hospitals throughout the United States enforce the rule that you cannot sit on a hospital bed when visiting a friend or family member. As tempting as it is to join the patient sitting on the bed, this emotional support can cause the spread of germs and infection, potentially causing the patient to get sicker.

Your bed is a sacred place of relaxation and comfort. Even if you'd just like to sit up against your headboard to relax with a reading book under the covers, you should always put on new clothes beforehand. Along with the issue of cleanliness, sitting on your bed is not advised by physiotherapists for those with back pain, as the back support offered by a bed isn't sufficient. Not only can sitting in bed detract from good posture, it spreads imperceptible germs and dirt onto your sheets and covers.

Sitting on Your Bed In Outdoor Clothes and Sleep Hygiene

Sitting on the bed in your outdoor clothes is also bad for your sleep! Sleep hygiene is a practice based on maintaining healthy sleep habits. These range from eating well, exercising, and having a consistent sleep schedule. Medical advice surrounding sleep hygiene dictates that you should reserve your bed for sleeping, because sitting in it during the day programs your brain to be awake in bed. This is one reason that people may wake up throughout the night or have trouble falling asleep.

Although bed stock photos in commercials often show happy families playing on the bed in outdoor clothes, it's best to reserve the bed for sleeping- in your pajamas. As comfy and welcoming as your bed may be, always change clothes before sitting on it for the sake of your health and cleanliness!

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