Sister Hazel
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Sister Hazel Soaks Up the Sun on 'Coconut Trees' [Song Premiere]

It's the first single from the band's new album, set for 2024.

Alt-rock and folk band Sister Hazel take listeners on a breezy island escape with new single "Coconut Trees," an ode to slowing down and soaking up special moments with loved ones — whether it's a gorgeous summer day or a dreary winter morning.

Band member Drew Copeland penned the song several years ago with late songwriter Kyle Jacobs and says it was inspired by the long wait for spring during an especially dreary Nashville winter.

"Anyone who has spent a good amount of time in Nashville knows that there can be some seriously dreary days from the end of November through the beginning of March. We were eagerly awaiting the actual arrival of spring (not the one that fakes you out), and the idea of a white sand beach, blue water and some coconut trees sounded really great," Copeland tells Wide Open Country. "The seed was planted, and the song took shape. As we started down this path, it took on this really fun bounce of an island song."Copeland says the song has become even more special to him after losing Jacobs earlier this year. "There are several songs that I've written with Kyle over the years, and each one is more special to me now after losing Kyle," he says. "This song specifically means a lot, because when I think of Kyle, he was an upbeat, positive and fun person every time I was around him. I believe he would be very proud of where the band took this song. It will definitely always hold a special place in my heart.

I really hope people use this song as an inspiration for escape. Put it all down for a minute, be present and in the moment with the people you love, have some fun, dig your feet in the warm sand and take in the absolute beauty of God's creation. It's a simple 'have fun' song.""Coconut Trees" is the first single from the band's forthcoming album, slated for next year. "It's a great blend of songs," Copeland says of the album. "Guys are bringing in songs that kinda touch every corner of what this band is about. I don't know how the rest of the record will round out, but I know everyone will have something to grab on to."

Copeland says he's grateful for continued support from the band's devoted fan base."As a band, we are super thankful for all the opportunities that continue to give us a chance to do what we love for a living. Everything from normal touring, festivals, our fan-driven events like the Hazelnut Hang, Camp Hazelnut and The Rock Boat, and our charity, Lyrics for Life. This far into a career, you can't help but look around and be thankful," Copeland says. "Our fan base (self-dubbed The Hazelnuts) is truly one-of-a-kind. Supportive, friendly, inclusive and engaged. I guess we'll keep going as long as people want us to."



Listen to "Coconut Trees" below.


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