Simon Cowell's Latest Boyband Search Flops
(Photo by Kate Green/Getty Images)

Simon Cowell's Latest Boyband Search Flops After Only 40 People Show Up

Simon Cowell still searches for the elusive One Direction followup. 14 years ago, Cowell and the other judges on 'The X Factor' form One Direction after the members flop on their own. Then, the band catapults to the top of pop charts. Now, the members all see success in solo music ventures.

Simon clearly wishes to redo this miraculous success. The music mogul and reality TV judge announces the search for the next big pop group he can help push to the moon. Moreover, he takes this search and broadcasts it for the world in a Netflix documentary 'The Midas Touch.'

However, it seems like no one itches to be the superstar Cowell envisions. According to the turnout, the well is remarkably dry. Recently, an article in The Sun details the embarrassing turnout for Simon's new documentary. Unfortunately, only about 40 people show up for auditions.

One spectator reveals that they probably envisioned people scrambling by the hundreds for the opportunity. "They started arriving slowly from about 9am on Saturday but the biggest number in the queue never amounted to more than about 40," they say. "By early afternoon, the number arriving had virtually dried up and it was the same story on the Sunday audition. The amount of railings they put up suggested they were expecting hundreds or thousands of people to arrive and pack out the queues but they had a fraction of those kinds of numbers."

Simon Cowell's Fiancée Looks to Push Future Husband Away From 'Workaholic' Tendencies

As Simon spends countless nights stressing over how to find his next big boyband, his fiancée looks to engage Cowell in some normal activities for once. He expresses frequently how much it means for him to have children. Consequently, this changes his worldview and reroutes some of his thinking away from pure work obsession to more family nurturing. He emphasizes in an interview, "Every decision I make now, I am thinking about Eric. Is it the right decision for him?"

Moreover, his fiancée Lauren Silverman details some of Simon's crazed habits and how important it is for her and her son to change up his routine. "He would stay up until crazy hours and sometimes wake up to 2 o'clock in the afternoon. But obviously, I'm a mom and life doesn't work that way. I always try to help him to find that balance, because he's a workaholic," Silverman says. "He loves his work, which is fantastic. But he sometimes needs me and Eric to push him to do more normal things and get up at a reasonable hour. And I guess in that sense, we've helped him; and he's definitely got a lot better since we first met, that's for sure."