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Texas Community Rallies to Harvest Sick Farmer's Crops

If anyone understands going through hard times, it's a farmer. That's why farmers are so prone to helping their neighbors when they need it most. Collin Klattenhoff, a farmer from Miles, Texas, knows all about being down on his luck. After a horrible year, he found himself needing a little help to get him back on his feet. Luckily, his community of farmers was willing to rally around him.

Over the course of a year, Klattenhoff faced several issues. The weather made it difficult for him to produce a good crop and had also affected prices. On top of this, Klattenhoff suffers from Crohn's Disease, which caused him a lot of problems all at once. He even had to have a couple of surgeries due to the disease.

Naturally, when you're recovering from surgery, you can't properly man the farm. That's when Colin's neighbors stepped in to help. Nearly 70 farmers, cotton strippers, module builders and boll buggies showed up to help him as he recovered.

Check out this video to learn more of Colin's story and the gift his neighbors gave him.

While this may seem like a surprising outpouring of support, those in the business say it happens more than you think. Farmers tend to see each other as family and will go out of their way to help another when they are in need.

In Colin's case, farmers donated their time, food, equipment and even money to help make sure he was able to get his crops in without losing his harvest. They only ask that Colin returns the favor if they are ever in need themselves. With this kind of close-knit community, you can bet that Collin will not soon forget their kindness will not soon forgotten.

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