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'Shrinking' Star Jessica Williams Loves Saying This Word to Harrison Ford

Apple TV+'s new comedy Shrinking is apparently the funnest set in Tinseltown. In a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, series star Jessica Williams (Booksmart) dished on what it's like working with Harrison Ford, revealing that she gets a kick out of uttering one word in particular while in the legend's presence.

Shrinking, which was renewed for a second season at Apple TV+, follows Jason Segel's Jimmy, a grieving therapist who foregoes medical ethics and any semblance of bedside manner in favor of telling his patients exactly what he thinks of their life problems, with hilarious (and sometimes catastrophic) consequences. Hot off a bang-up first season of Yellowstone prequel 1923, Harrison Ford stars as Jimmy's boss Dr. Paul Rhoades, whose Parkinson's diagnosis makes for some of the most touching moments in the series.

It's Jessica Williams, who plays young, upbeat therapist Gaby, who does the heavy lifting when it comes to "balancing out" Ford's notorious crankiness on set. The actress summed it up pretty well in an interview with Kelly Clarkson, saying, "It's fun being the bubbly millennial Black lady saying 'panties' to Harrison Ford! Like that rules!"

Fellow guest Seth Rogen quipped, "I'm sure he's heard that before."

As with all things on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the conversation quickly took a left turn into gentle chaos as Williams and Clarkson debated how to correctly say 'panties.' To pronounce the 't' or not? Clarkson, a Texas native, decidedly does not pronounce the 't.' For his part, Rogen opts for a pronounced 't' — a delicate and elegant sound, as if it came from the lips of a Victorian woman who went to finishing school.

As it happens, lingerie pronunciation isn't the only thing Williams and Rogen have in common. The comedians bonded over their shared love of pottery-making. When Williams learned that Rogen made his own pottery glazes (somehow not surprising), the actress was impressed. "See, I'm trying to get on that," she said.

Seth Rogen, elocution expert and pottery master. Who would've thought?

New episodes of Shrinking premiere Fridays on Apple TV+.

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