Shooter Jennings
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See Shooter Jennings Get Real and Rowdy at Billy Bob's Texas


Before Shooter Jennings was even old enough to order a drink, let alone headline a show, he was mingling with the crowd at the historic Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth. The son of outlaw legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, Shooter got his honky-tonk education in the storied Texas venue. Since then, Shooter has blazed his own trail while always honoring his country roots. So it makes perfect sense that the country renegade would return to the club to record his upcoming live album, Live at Billy Bob's Texas, out Nov. 10.

Today, we're premiering the video for the live recording of "The Real Me," a rousing outlaw anthem about cutting loose and living wild. The song was originally recorded for Jennings' 2012 album Family Man. In the song, Jennings introduces himself as a clean livin' man by day who turns "meaner than the dickens" by night.

The spirited performance is the perfect introduction to the highly anticipated album. Each week, Wide Open Country will premiere a new video performance from Jennings' upcoming album.


Shooter Jennings is currently on the road for his Black Country Rock tour. He's joined by Julie Roberts, Hellbound Glory, Cody Canada and The Departed and Jason Boland and the Stragglers for select tour dates.

Live performances of "The Real Me," "Don't Feed the Animals" and "Love Kills" are currently available on streaming platforms. To pre-order Shooter Jennings' Live at Billy Bob's Texas on iTunes click here.

'The Real Me' Lyrics

I wake up with my children
Right around the crack of noon
And I do good like a good daddy should
'Til the devil rolls out that moon

Once that whiskey hits my lips
It opens Pandora's box
And I start lyin' and smokin' and fightin'
Getting crazy as a white tailed fox


My eyes start burnin' wild and red
Two horns cut through the top of my head
My teeth get jagged, my tongue gets sharp,
Cold neon blood starts pumpin' to my heart
My hands get frisky, with a mind of their own
My legs start walkin' me anywhere but home

And I'm a double talkin', chicken-lickin'
Meaner than the dickens, sick and wicked
Hole digging, pickin' son of a gun,
And I'll love you like the devil, bite you
Like a snake and then forsake and break
Everything I don't take before I'm done

Most people who know me say I'm as nice as a guy could be
That's all fine 'cause most of the time
They never get to see the real me

He ain't got a bad bone in his body
Is how they talk about me back home
But here my dark side is unable to hide
And you don't want to see my bad bone


I 'm mean when I'm lonesome
I'm angry when I'm high

I'll chase that nightmare until I die

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