Shooter Jennings to Premiere New Album in Most Bizarre Way Ever


Shooter Jennings has never been one to follow the rules when it comes to his music. The country outlaw has once again surprised fans by announcing plans to preview his new album, Countach (For Giorgio), exclusively though an popular online video gaming platform.

In a post shared to his official Facebook page, Jennings revealed the details of the event, which will be held inside the virtual world of the online fantasy game, Shroud of the Avatar. The unconventional event will kick off Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. CST, and will give fans a preview of his new project ahead of its March 11 release date.

“Besides giving away 25 pink vinyls in game, and throwing a listening party in game, I also have 40 copies of each song on in game wax cylinders that I’m gonna give out to players,” Jennings wrote. “Said players, in turn, can play these wax cylinders on photographs [phonographs?] they place in their houses anytime they wish. Even give them to other players if they wish.”

While this seems like a rather strange way to get his music out to fans, Jennings has been vocal about his love for video games over the years. Unfortunately, this unique choice means that fans who don’t like online gaming, or simply don’t want to shell out the $45 dollar fee to play, are out of luck.

The choice was likely spurred by Jennings’ friendship with Shroud of the Avatar creator Richard Garriott, who is also featured on the alt-country star’s new release. Countach (For Giorgio), which pays tribute to Italian disco-pop producer Girogio Moroder, also features appearances by Brandi Carlile and Marilyn Manson.

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Shooter Jennings to Premiere New Album in Most Bizarre Way Ever