Shooter Jennings Doesn't Like the Current State of Country Music

Shooter Jennings shares his discontent with the current state of country music.

Shooter Jennings has never been shy when it comes to his feelings on the music industry. In a recent interview with the Charleston City Paper, he shares his disapproval of the current state of country music.

"There is fakeness in everything now," Jennings says. "That whole attempt at gaining clout is so worn out. Country wanted outlaws, then bro-country stars, to now -- I have no idea what's going on."

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Jennings has always pushed against expectations from the mainstream country music industry. He made a strong debut in 2005 with his album, Put the "O" Back in Country, which crossed genres without apology. His lack of interest in following the Nashville status quo has kept him on the edges of the country scene, which seems to be where Jennings feels most comfortable. Over the years, he's kept his focus on his own ideals about what is musically authentic and steered away from trying to be the next big thing.

"I don't think there is much of a point in attempting to predict what the next phase of country music is," Jennings said. "I would think the seed that has been planted over the past 10, 12 years is going to continue to grow into the trees that the industry will lean on. Whatever is coming, or whatever form it will take, is always there in its own way."

When it comes to the current trend of bringing back traditionalism in country music, Jennings isn't so confident that it will have a lasting effect. "Everybody keeps saying they want a revivalist movement in country music, but that just means that three or four years after that movement comes through it'll become uncool, just like Willie (Nelson) and Waylon became uncool."

Jennings is currently on tour across the United States through October.

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Shooter Jennings Doesn't Like the Current State of Country Music